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Our Offerings

What we do to add value to your organisation. Build new or enhance existing products with us.
Just starting with voice-technology and don't know how to proceed? We are here to help!

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1. Think:

We will guide you through principles of Voice User Interface (VUI) design to help you identify your needs and the way voice technology can add value to your organisation.

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2. Design:

We will design the interaction flow for your VUI and, according to your market segment, document what choices you should consider. On demand, we may prototype a software demo of parts of the interaction that are especially tricky. Your organisation will be responsible for developing the final skill and deploying it.

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3. Make:

We will guide you through all deployment options and limitations, from existing platforms to custom hardware. We will help you identify what is right for your organisation.

Our Services

How we differ. Private and safe voice-enabled technology that works for users as young as 4 years old.

Voice Recognition

We offer access to some of the best voice recognition currently on the market, so that you can customise your solution beyond Amazon and Google.

Interactive Skills

We have a long history of designing interactions for several and diverse fields, including Education and Management, on various software/hardware platforms.

Built for Privacy

We advise on providing a safe, private experience, especially for children, so that no personal data are saved, and legal compliance is met (GDPR, COPPA).

Our Amazing Team

Why work with us? We are Experts in Multi-modal Interactions, Hardware, Pedagogy, Software Systems Design, User Experience

Evangelos Kapros picture

Evangelos Kapros

Founder, CEO & Experience Designer

Kathy Kipp picture

Kathy Kipp

Founder, CPO & Lead Storyteller

Maria Koutsombogera picture

Maria Koutsombogera

Co-founder, COO & Conversation Analyst

Kyriaki Niotaki picture

Kyriaki Niotaki

Electronics Engineer Consultant (External)

Katie Rentz picture

Katie Rentz

Product Research Intern

Our team has the exactly right combination of skills and experience, with 60+ years of combined experience, 90+ academic papers with 500+ citations, €100M in previous grants (EU, IEEE, Irish), 6 pre-patent inventions, and 30+ academic-industry partnerships (incl. Trinity College Dublin, BarcelonaTech (UPC), Microsoft, Intel, HMH, and others).

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Made with love in Barcelona, Dublin, Athens, Tallinn, and Chicago. Drop us a line!